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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Sweet Diwali Poem 2018 | Funny Diwali Poem In Marathi And English

Happy Diwali Poem :  The festival of Diwali is known as the Diwasa On Festival, its spiritual meaning increases. Over time, this festival is celebrated as Diwali in Diwali and Nepal in India. Diwali is my favorite festival.

 Diwali festival means that there is a series of stereotypes.  Anyway copy these diwali poem in english of 10 lines.  Some India-based communities start their financial year on Diwali, and start new chapters.

  Diwali festival is the reason for a special festival. Diwali is the festival of the festival of Dhanteras, from the Diwali festival to the fifth day of Diwas. By the way grab these diwali poem in hindi  from below.

  If you are looking for the first diwali poem then you have landed on right place. Before the few days of Diwali are left, women start making dessert and quality snacks. Bhai Sister's festival is also called Bhai Duj and Bhai Duj. 

Diwali Poem In Marathi

  Five days of Diwali, women spread the body of the house to Rangoli and ghee oil. Save these poem on diwali with rhyming words in english  to share on timeline. I go to my mama's house in Diwali.
  Diwali is celebrated in Nepal as well as from Dham Dhani, and it is famous in Nepal as the name of Deepawali.  In Diwali, quality roses are supplied. Enjoy these best poem on diwali to celebrate this festival online. 

Diwali Poem In Marathi
diwali poem in marathi

फट फटाका फुटला
धम धमाका झाला
लावा दिवा पणती
उजळू दे भिंती

सण आला घरा
फराळाचं करा
गुळसाखर हसली
करंजीत बसली

कुरकुरीत चकली
पोटभर खाल्ली
चंदनाचा पाट
सोनीयाचे ताट

आली आली दिवाळी
बहीण भावा ओवाळी

Funny Poems On Diwali

 This diwali wali poem is the amazing text material that you are looking for. Shree Ram and Janki and Lakshmanji re-entered the Ayodhya on 14th year's festivities on Diwali. Diwali is celebrated with such belief. Diwali festival clears people's home cleanliness, and shops clean them up.

Funny Poems On Diwali
funny poems on diwali

As echelons of zillion lights adorn,
and echoes of triumph and thunder swarm,
watching even a tiny gleam perform,
devoring ill,
sparkling joy despite forlorn,
exhorts a hearty & happy year merely born

Joy, Joy, Joy,
We can play with our cousins
We can eat so many sweets
We can fire crackers
We can worship Goddess Lakshmi because
It is Diwali
Happy Diwali

Daali Naay Daali Paar Nazaar Daali
Kixi Ne Iss Par Dalii
Kixi Ne Uspaar Dalii
Hum Ne Jis Par Nazar Dali
Uske Baap Ne Usski
Shaadi Kahin Aur Kaar Dali
Happy Diwali

Raat ko jaldii say nendh aagai,
Subah uthay to diwali aagai..
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