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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Diwali Slogan In Hindi | Grab it Before Diwali | Recommended For Everyone

Diwali slogan in hindi :  The Diwali festival has many myths associated with the festival.  Today, Punj people give their homes on the day of Diwali. For a few days of Diwali, it is good for women to make breakfast and dessert at home.

 Diwali festival is a symbol of truth on the evil.  Anyway copy these small slogans on diwali in english . With the help of Janki and Lakshmana, the fourteen years of rehabilitation was done on the occasion of Diwali, so this festival has been named Diwali.

 From the second day of Diwali, the new year of Vikram Samvat commences. What is the day of restlessness?  There are three ministerial elements of the festival of Diwali, which means drinking, illumination and nitrification. By the way grab these short slogans on diwali in english from below.

Slogan On Diwali In English

 If you are looking for slogan on diwali festival in hindi then you have landed on right place. Diwali is made of quality quality snacks and desserts. Many festivals are celebrated in India, but Diwali is celebrated with great fondness and dham Dhoom.

 People start buying a few days before Diwali.  Save these eco friendly diwali slogans in hindi to share on timeline. Diwali festival comes after twenty days of Navaratri . The festival of Diwali comes on the day of the month of Sudha Amash.

Slogan On Diwali In English

Celebrate safe Diwali to keep environment safe.

Celebrate safe Diwali to maintain beauty of nature.

Celebrate safe Diwali to maintain beauty of environment.

Celebrate safe Diwali to reduce air and noise pollution.

Celebrate safe Diwali to breathe safe and clean.

Celebrate safe Diwali to keep environment clean and green.

Celebrate safe Diwali to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

Celebrate safe Diwali to get blessings not curse.

Happy Diwali Slogan In Hindi

The festival of Diwali is also known as the Roshani festival. On Diwali day is decorated with rangoli and lamps. People on the day of Dhanteras worship at night. Enjoy these short slogans on diwali in hindi  to celebrate this festival online.

 This say no to crackers slogans in hindi is the amazing text material that you are looking for.  Jay Nutan Varsha is congratulated to each other on the day of restlessness, and there are those who are going to feed desserts and other dishes. Due to Diwali, light is lit, light flashes of lightning lamps are done.
Happy Diwali Slogan In Hindi

Aao Sab Milkar Vaatavaran Ko bachaye Roke who sankat jo hamari virasat ko nigal jaaye.

Chidiya mujhe hasaye re, barakha mujh ko bhaaye re. Jug hara-bhara ho jaaye re, aao kudrat ko bachaye re!

Sharm karo, sharm karo Karodo rupey pathako Par barbaad mat karo mat karo.

Aap sabhi ko ek safe and khushiyali bhari Diwali Mubarak ho!

Tum Vatavaran ko bachao, vatavaran tumko bachayega!! Wishing you a Safe and green Diwali!

Is tyohar diye se sajaye ghar ko aur dilo ko roshan kare diye ki roshni se!!! Is Diwali naa kahiye phatake ko aur banaye ek Green and Safe Diwali!!! //.\\

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